Violations of rights of people living with TB and suggested actions

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Examples of violated rights




Right to information

TB patients not given enough or the right information at the clinic

Right to shelter and accommodation

To be chased out of your home because you have TB

Right to health care

Your family may decide you must stop the TB treatment

Right to work

To be fired from your job because you have TB

Right to move freely

To be isolated or separated or restricted in your movements because you have TB or HIV

IDevice Icon Activity
Violations of Rights
  1. Work in small groups to brainstorm the rights you think that may be violated when you have TB.
  2. Give examples of how these rights may be violated.
  3. Suggest what actions you can take if your health rights are violated.
  4. Have a class debate on this topic:

"Everyone has the right to privacy, including people who live with communicable diseases."