Strategies to help

Strategies to help you made decisions

Know what the decision is about

Always analyse or unpack the decision itself. What does it mean? What has to be decided? What are the options? So, before you rush to make a decision, first make sure you know exactly what this decision is about.

Case study Zodwa needs to make a decision:

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IDevice Icon Activity: Help Zodwa

This decision is about her future, not only about her subjects for grade 10.
If you were Zodwa, would you:

  • Decide on whatever your best friends are deciding
  • Go to the class where your crush/love of your life-hopefully! is going to be
  • Let your parents decide for you
  • Ask your teachers to choose
  • Choose carefully after a lot of research and thought

Discuss your choice and give reasons for your answer. Which is the best way? Why?
Give possible effects for each of Zodwa's ways of choosing

Zodwa can use a decision making method to help her to decide. Cool contrasts is a useful way.

1. Cool contrasts

Make a table to compare and contrast the possible good or cool, and bad or so not cool, effects of your decision.

  1. In the options or choices columns, write down the different choices you have.
  2. Then think carefully about the effects of each option.
  3. Write them down.
  4. Write the good effects in the cool columns and the bad effects in the not cool columns.