Practice saying NO

Practice saying NO using these hints:

  1. Just say no. Be assertive; say NO in a polite way. For example, you can say NO thanks.
  2. Give a reason for your NO. For example, No, I do not want to smoke today.
  3. Give an excuse: NO, I do not have R20 to lend you.
  4. Delay; say you will answer later. I can’t answer you now.
  5. Change the subject. NO, but have you seen that new TV soapie?
  6. Repeat? NO. No, really, NO, NO. I won’t skip class.
  7. Walk away: NO…I am leaving now.
  8. Give the ‘no you don’t exist’ look. Ignore the person.
  9. Stay way. Keep away from a situation where you are likely to be forced to do something you do not want to do.
  10. Hands and body: put your hand up in a stop sign to show you mean NO. Do not smile when you say NO; a NO is a forceful word that ahs more power if you say it firmly and surely.
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Practice saying NO in these scenarios

  1. Your friend tells you he is going to stop taking his TB medication. He asks you to promise you won’t tell his parents.
  2. You are in a serious relationship. Your partner puts pressure on you to have sex; you don’t want to.
  3. Your best friend wants to borrow your favourite cap.
  4. There is a person in class you relay like. You have not told anybody yet. However your friend suddenly asks you to ask this person out on his/her behalf.
  5. Your friends are all smoking. They offer you a cigarette. You don't want to smoke.