Method 2: Draw a tree

Method 2 Draw a tree
A useful way to solve problems is to find out exactly what the problem is about. Try to say where and when it started, and what it actually means. Look at the different parts of the problem. This means you analyse the problem.
Get as much information about the problem as you can. Then start to think of possible solutions. Consider each possible solution. Then choose the best solution. You also use your decision making skills when you solve problems!

When you have a problem to solve, draw the outline of a tree. Then fill in the answers to these questions:
Roots: where does the problem come from?
Trunk: what is the problem? Describe the problem.
Branches: what are the different possible solutions?
Leaves: what are the effects of each solution?
Seeds or fruit: what are the best solutions(s)?


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Tom is very shy and has lots of problems at home. He feels nobody understands him. There is this girl in his class, Nomsa, that he really likes a lot. He wants to ask her out on a date but is too shy. He is scared she will say no and laugh at him. What can Tom do?

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