Joni is depressed

iDevice icon Case Study: Joni is depressed.
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Joni is depressed and sad. She has been diagnosed as HIV +. She is failing at school and her parents are fighting all the time. She has not told anybody about her status.
Joni no longer spends time with most of her friends. However, she is still friends with Zuleka. One day, she gives Zulaka her cell phone: ‘Here, Zuleka, you can have this. It's a present for you.'
Zuleka is surprised. She knows Joni can't afford a new one. ‘Why are you giving me this?' she asks
Joni replies: I won't be needing it anymore.
"Why?" Zuleka asks, shocked.
Then Joni says: ‘I won't be around for much longer. I am going to kill myself. But... don't you tell my best friend you have to keep my secret. Promise!'
That night, Joni leaves messages on Mixit and Facebook to say goodbye to her friends.

IDevice Icon Activity: Joni needs help.

Work in pairs to answer these questions:

  1. Why is Joni depressed?
  2. Why is Joni giving her cell phone away?
  3. What should Zuleka do to help her friend?
  4. SMS an encouraging message to Joni.