This TB and HIV/AIDS Resource DVD-ROM will supplement the resource book. It addresses issues with regards to TB and HIV/AIDS. The learner will be able to make informed decisions about personal, community and environmental health...

Content layout:



1: Development of Self in society

1 Free to be yourself

2 Your body changes

3 Your body image

4 Improve your confidence: Take action

2: Development of the Self in Society

1 Different kinds of relationships

2 How to make relationships work

3 How to be assertive

4 Respect in relationships

3: Health, Social and Environmental responsibility

1 What is TB?

2 The history of TB

3 TB prevention

4 The TB test

5 The link between TB and HIV

4: Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities

1 Human Rights, Stigma, TB and HIV and AIDS

2 Opposing Stigma

5: How to solve problems and make decisions

1 How to make decisions

2 How to solve problems

6: How to manage depression and stress

1 Depression and feeling sad

2 What you can do if you are depressed

3 Feeling stressed

4 How to prevent and manage your stress

7: The World of Work

1 Know yourself

2 Careers in the field of TB

8: Health, Social and Environmental responsibility

1 Goal setting

2 Keep Fit

3 Motivate yourself

TB support contact details