Examples of goals

IDevice Icon Activity
I want to help stop the spread of TB in my class by the end of the year.
  • Specific: stop the spread of TB in my class
  • Measurable: I can rate how many learners get TB in comparison with previous years
  • Attainable: I can do this as part of a Life Orientation project
  • Realistic: My plan is practical; I will run peer education sessions on TB prevention and cure with the learners in my class, on Wednesday once a month in Life Orientation period.
  • Time-framed: by end of year.

iDevice icon Case Study

Activity: Talk about role model Evelina Tshabalala
Watch the case study before you answer these questions:

  1. How did Evelina talk herself into reaching the top of Kilimanjaro?
  2. In what way would you say Evelina is not a ‘give-up kind of woman'?
  3. Why is Evelina a role model?
  4. What can you learn from Evelina? Write a paragraph to explain what you can learn.