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IDevice Icon Project manager
Erica Jacobs matriculated from Ravensmead High school. She then studied for a BA Honours in Psychology at the University of the Western Cape.
She worked as project manager for many community based projects. In 2008 she started working for the Desmond Tutu TB Centre in Stellenbosch, as Project and operations manager.

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IDevice Icon Physiotherapist

Sandy is a physiotherapist who works with people with lung and heart problems. Many of her patients are people who have TB.

She will evaluate, treat, and care for people who have breathing problems such as those caused by TB. She also works with people who have TB in the joints or are paralysed as a result of TB.

She chose this career as she was always interested in how the human body works. She was also looking for a career where she could combine theoretical and practical skills, and she wanted to work with people.

IDevice Icon Radiographer
Nomsa is a diagnostic radiographer at the Red Cross Children's Hospital. She takes X- Rays of the lungs so the doctor can diagnose the TB.
To her the most satisfying aspects of her profession are:
  • The interaction with patients and medical staff,
  • the job is dynamic as it keeps changing ,
  • it is practical through the use of technical equipment
  • it gives her the chance to show care for patients.