Decision Making

What is decision making?
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When you decide, you choose or select. Decisions are choices you make when you choose between different options, actions, things or possibilities.

An informed decision means you know about your different options, you know what each choice means and you realise the effects of each option.
Your decisions can have good or bad effects.

We make decisions every day. Some are easy and fun.

iDevice icon Group Activity
Share with a partner:
1. How do you decide what music to listen to?
2. How do you decide who to chat to on your cell?
3. How do you decide which is your favourite dance?
4. How do you decide what to wear?
IDevice Icon Examples of difficult decisions
Some learners say these are difficult decisions they had to make:
• What career path do I want to follow?
• Who do I choose as my friends?
• Do I smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs?
• Do I wait to have sex? Do I abstain?
• Do I take my TB medicine as directed and complete the course?
• Do I use a condom?
• I am being abused. Do I report it?
• Do I go for a HIV test?
• Do I go for a TB test?

IDevice Icon Decision-making hints
• The best way to make decisions is to get information... so you can make an informed decision. Spend time looking at the different choices, options or possibilities.
• Think carefully about your decision.
• Make a list of the different consequences your decisions could have. Then you are able to make better decisions.