Be a health activist

IDevice Icon Activity
  • Start a health campaign at school.
  • Make placards and posters with health messages about TB and HIV and AIDS to place around the school.
  • Invite guest speakers to talk about TB and HIV and AIDS
  • Write an essay on how to prevent TB and HIV and AIDS and send it to a newspaper for publication.
  • Interview a person with TB or HIV or AIDS and tell their story.
  • Tell your own story about TB or HIV or AIDS.
  • Make cards to show your support for people who are ill with TB or HIV and AIDS.
  • Make a collage with a strong health message to help prevent TB and HIV and AIDS.
  • Write an article on TB or HIV and AIDS for a school newsletter.
  • Stage a drama with a Health Promotion message to stop the spread of TB.
  • Organise each grade to make TB prevention posters and display around the school.

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